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Press Release

March 20, 2024
Peak Sustainability Ventures and IIT Mandi Join Hands in a Strategic MOU for Identifying and Developing Recycling Methodologies for Solar Panels and Related Technologies.

IIT Mandi has entered into an MoU with Peak Sustainability Ventures to develop a framework, understanding and knowledge base for recycling of valuable materials used in solar panel manufacturing, and in promoting start-ups that are focussing on the issue. The parties see a large opportunity in developing recycling methodologies for solar panels as India continues to increase its adoption of solar projects to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. With solar panels in projects set up in earlier years reaching end of life within the next 5 years and the increasing adoption of new solar projects in India, there is an urgent need to determine recycling solutions that will not only enable solar panel waste management, but also contribute valuable materials for re-use in new solar projects, thus contributing to a circular economy.

Samir Shah, Managing Partner of Peak Sustainability Ventures, commented  "We are excited to collaborate with IIT Mandi on this initiative to identify a pathway for recycling valuable materials in solar panels in a sustainable manner. We have identified the issue to be complex and requiring time, effort, and costs to identify suitable solutions as well as entrepreneurs who are interested in determining efficient, cost effective and thoughtful solutions. As more solar panels reach end of life, this will become a larger issue. Hence, there is a need to start working on solutions now."

January 29, 2024
Peak Sustainability Ventures and VA Tech Wabag join hands in strategic MOU for installing 100 Bio-CNG plants at sewage treatment facilities.

VA Tech Wabag Limited (WABAG), a leading pure-play Water Technology Indian Multinational Group, has entered into an MoU with Peak Sustainability Ventures (PEAK) to establish 100 Bio-CNG plants at sewage treatment facilities across India and other mutually agreed-upon locations in the GCC, Africa, and European countries. The parties aim to harness the unutilized potential of Sewage treatment plants and to generate Bio-CNG which can be used for mobility application in trucks and heavy duty vehicles, and for industrial applications.​ This initiative would not only meet the growing energy demand in a responsible and eco- friendly manner, but also contribute to India’s commitment to GHG emission reduction and to reduction of air pollution from methane, which has much higher Global Warming Potential (GWP) than carbon dioxide.

Mr. Shailesh Kumar, CEO-India Cluster at WABAG said, "WABAG has always been a frontrunner in terms of implementing sustainable solutions and in generating green energy. WABAG is already producing more than 40 MWh of green energy through its various installed plants. With this collaboration, we are taking a next step in our green energy segment to produce cleaner and greener fuel and to support country’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. This aligns perfectly with vision of implementing sustainable solutions for a better life."

Mr. Samir Shah, Managing Partner of Peak Sustainability Ventures said, "We are excited to collaborate with WABAG in this initiative to establish a pathway for meeting India’s energy goals in a sustainable manner using methane generated by STP’s which would otherwise result in higher emissions and pollution. With our deep understanding of the energy space and our global network and relationships, we shall focus on bringing institutional capital to this pioneering initiative and work with WABAG to evaluate innovative technologies globally which can result in higher efficiency, improved process flow, hydrogen extraction and other ways to improve project outcomes. Through this collaboration we hope to contribute towards accelerating India’s energy transition to a low carbon future."

January 23, 2024
Peak Sustainability Ventures invests in Indra Water, an India-based wastewater treatment technology company.

Peak Sustainability Ventures, through our flagship fund Peak Sustainability Venture Fund I, has participated in Indra Water’s $4 million Series A round, investing alongside Switzerland-based Emerald Ventures and India-based Mela Ventures, continuing our relationship with Indra since 2021, when we made an investment in their Seed Round. 

Amrit Om Nayak, CEO and Co-Founder of Indra Water, stated "Indra has made significant progress in establishing decentralization as a viable mechanism to treat difficult wastewater streams effectively and enable efficient reuse of water. Our electrical treatment technology solves complex water challenges and improves existing water treatment assets through smart retrofits. I must thank Mr. Samir Shah and his team at Peak Sustainability Ventures for working closely with us over the years to amplify our positive impact. We are excited for them to stay on with us in this journey and help us accelerate India's transition to sustainable water management."

Samir Shah, Managing Partner of Peak Sustainability Ventures, commented  "We have been involved with Amrit, Krunal and the Indra team since 2021, and have hopefully made a positive influence in their journey as a young company with a few pilots to now having a marquee client base and proven technology. Water is a sector we have been passionate about and actively involved in since 2007, with investments in leading water companies. Our investment in Indra further signifies our commitment to making a difference to global water challenges, by investing in scalable, innovative technologies with the potential for large-scale impact. We look forward to supporting the Indra team in their growth journey from here onwards."

November 27, 2023
Peak Sustainability Ventures partners with Sanjay Nayar to build India’s premier climate investment firm.

Peak Sustainability Ventures, one of India’s first early-stage climate focused investment firms, has partnered with Sanjay Nayar, a veteran in the private equity industry, to build India’s leading climate VC firm. As a General Partner, Sanjay brings his investment acumen, global networks and relationships to the fore. Together, Samir Shah, Sanjay Nayar and the Peak Sustainability Ventures team are focused on addressing some of the world’s most pressing problems in the climate landscape, using a thesis-driven investment approach to back innovative and scalable solutions.

On the partnership, Samir stated: “We are delighted to have Sanjay join Peak Sustainability Ventures as a General Partner, to accelerate our efforts in making a difference in sustainability in India and globally. While we see great investment opportunities ahead, there are also significant challenges, given the complexities within sustainability. Sanjay’s experience and guidance strengthens our core team and will be of immense value as we jointly navigate the landscape. Together, we are committed to building India’s premier climate investment firm.”

Sanjay provided the following views: “I am excited to partner with Samir and the team at Peak Sustainability Ventures. Given what is happening in sustainability and the role we all need to play, we are building a top-tier instutition that can spur climate innovation in the toughest climate problems. India has a key role to play in the global story. We are looking to fund technologies that can apply to the India context, at India’s price point.“

October 31, 2023
Peak Sustainability Ventures invests in Polymateria, a UK-based plastics technology company.

Polymateria, a plastics technology company revolutionising the way we tackle the plastic waste problem, completed their Series B in May 2023, led by  Singapore-based ABC Fund (backed by Temasek) and strategic investor Indorama Ventures (one of the world’s largest producers of PET resins). Polymateria also has the strong support of King Charles (yes, His Royal Majesty).

Polymateria has developed a patented solution which involves a chemical additive that enables the biotransformation of Polyolefins (one of the most common forms of plastic in single-use packaging), leading to their safe degradation once they enter the natural environment. What is particularly interesting, is that this degradation only occurs after the packaging has been used by consumers, at the end of a pre-defined dormancy period, which can be altered depending on the application. The material itself biotransforms into a wax-like substance, that is then consumed by natural agents of decay like microbes, fungi and bacteria. 

At Peak, we’re extremely excited to help Polymateria scale, particularly in India. We believe this solution can transform the way Indian corporates and society think about plastic waste. As an India-based institutional investor, Peak Sustainability Ventures is actively working with senior management at Polymateria to provide strategic inputs (particularly on India), corporate connections, and other value as needed by the Company.

March 14, 2023
Peak Sustainability Ventures was selected as an Emerging Impact Manager (EIM) for the ImpactAssets 50™ 2023 (IA 50).

The IA 50 breaks out managers in three categories, including the core IA 50 list, IA 50 Emerging Impact Managers list and IA 50 Emeritus Impact Managers list. Across all three categories, a record 163 impact fund managers were included totaling $122.48 billion in assets, invested across a range of asset classes and impact themes. The EIM firms that were selected for the IA 50 2023 were chosen to represent newer 'fund managers to watch', that demonstrate potential to create meaningful impact. The EIM list represents firms with unique strategies, under-represented impact themes or diversity in leadership in view of the full IA 50 application pool. 


Commenting on the achievement, Managing Partner of Peak Sustainability Ventures, Samir Shah, said, "We are putting India on the global climate map. We’re one of the first institutional climate VCs in India, and have identified four key themes of focus for the fund: New Energy, Food Systems, Water and Climate (including plastics, biodiversity, air pollution). We believe that sustainability is interlinked – one cannot invest successfully in sustainability by thinking in silos. We’re creating a bridge between India and the rest of the world. Climate change is a global problem, and requires a global perspective to solve."

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