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Title: How the World Really Works, Vaclav Smil

One-liner: A much-needed reality check - before we can tackle problems effectively, it's imperative that we understand the facts. We have never before had such vast quantities of information at our disposal, yet most of us don’t understand the most fundamental realities governing our continued survival. 

Reason for recommendation: As the world grapples with different solutions to tackle climate change, it is important to go back to basics and make sure we truly understand the science behind how we got here and where we are going. The book is full of useful facts and an in depth analysis of the modern science and technology that makes our twenty-first century lives possible.


Recommended by: Aakash Shah

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Title: The Great Smog of India, Siddharth Singh

One-liner: A deep dive into the issue of air pollution in India and its socio-economic impact.  

Reason for recommendation: The book is packed with factual information, scientific data, academic paper, and more. The author unpacks the dense information in an easy-to-read format. Must read to understand how decades of systemic issues compound into critical public policy failures.


Recommended by: Swaraj Dharia


Title: Investing in the Era of Climate Change, Bruce Usher

One-liner: While investors continue to be on the lookout for returns, it is important for them to understand how to include climate change in their decision making criteria, and also benefit from the opportunities presented, that might help accelerate our fight against climate change.

Reason for recommendation: Bruce Usher is one of the pioneers of climate investments in the academic world. He has been speaking about the need for investors to be aware of climate for almost two decades. His position at Columbia University have inspired hundreds (including myself) towards climate investment. This book is a summary of his teachings and findings over the years.


Recommended by: Aadil Chitalwala

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Title: Water 4.0, David Sedlak

One-liner: A must-read for anyone that doesn't fully understand the modern wastewater system. Aka everyone.  

Reason for recommendation: Water 4.0 is an engaging retelling of how our water system evolved over the centuries. It provides much needed context to one of the most pressing issues of our time that is all too often overlooked -- wastewater.


Recommended by: Leila Owens

Title: Save the Worlds: There is no Planet B, Louise Bradford

One-liner: This book is full of simple tips we can all incorporate into our daily lives, and it demonstrates how small eco-friendly changes can have a huge positive effect on our planet.  

Reason for recommendation: Unlike all the books focusing on the disastrous state we are in from a climate perspective, this book focuses on the compounding effect that we can all have on the planet by making actionable changes to our daily lives today.

Recommended by: Sarah Bhot

Title: Impact, Sir Ronald Cohen

One-liner: Investors now have the opportunity to move beyond "selfish capitalism" and create an impact through investing in a variety of different companies through a number of financial products and solutions that are beginning to change the impact investing landscape.  

Reason for recommendation: As we navigate difficult macro situations, Impact serves as a reminder from a true visionary that securing our shared future is within reach. A must read for anyone looking to be involved in impact / climate investments. (Sir Ronald Cohen was the co-founder of global private equity firm Apax Partners, who returned a 30%+ IRR over 30 years.)

Recommended by: Aadil Chitalwala

Title: The Greatest Polar Expedition of All Time, Markus Rex

One-liner: The Greatest Polar Expedition of All Time is the perfect mix of adventure and science, peeling back the curtain on how vital climate science research takes place.  

Reason for recommendation: The book offers insight into logistically how the most ambitious arctic research expedition of all time took place during covid. It also provides a unique perspective into what it's like to live in the Arctic, one of the most uninhabitable and mystic places in the world.

Recommended by: Leila Owens

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