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*includes investments made by Peak Leadership team in an individual capacity, with the intent to move into the Fund, based on the Fund's discretion.


*includes select sustainability investments made by the Peak Leadership team in an individual capacity.

Partnered: 2022
Founders: Marko Savolainen, Pekka Ritvanen

Avant Wood is focused on decarbonizing certain emission heavy industries. The company has developed a novel technology which builds a sustainable and energy efficient product in the area of timber modification and replaces the use of endangered timber species. 

Avant Wood

next round raised

Partnered: 2015

Founders: Neil Patel, Sonali Mehta-Rao is a mobile solutions company that uses voice to enable organizations to achieve last-mile connectivity in agriculture and financial services.

next round raised

Partnered: 2016

Founder: Minhaj Chowdury

Drinkwell is a water technology company tackling the issue of mass arsenic and fluoride poisoning in Southeast Asia through community-based systems. 

Partnered: 2022
Founders: Raghvendra Singh

Chlorohemp is a vertically integrated industrial hemp company unleashing the full potential of the age old plant.


next round raised, listed

Partnered: 2018

Founders: Herve Touati, Jesse Morris, Ewald Hesse

EWF is the world's first open-source enterprise blockchain platform tailored to the energy sector. EWF works towards accelerating low-carbon, customer-centric electricity systems, with its top-tier affiliate base. 


next round raised

Partnered: 2019

Founders: Pavan Sukhdev

Global Initiative for a Sustainable Tomorrow (GIST) is a data analytics and advisory platform that aims to democratize sustainability by helping corporates manage their natural, human and social impact.


next round raised

Partnered: 2013

Founders: Santanov Choudari, Rudy Roy

HST optimizes solar farms using AI, and has built a marketplace for solar power. Its optimization software has been deployed globally in 35,000
projects across 100 countries, totaling 2,100GW of solar capacity.


Partnered: 2024
Founders: Thomas Reinertsen

Hydrogen Mem Tech has developed patented palladium membrane technology which enables the separation of pure hydrogen from gas streams such as biogas, natural gas and waste gas.


next round raised

Partnered: 2021
Founder: Amrit Om Nayak, Krunal Patel 

Indra Water is a water technology company, that has built compact, low-capex electrocoagulation-based systems to treat and re-use industrial wastewater for businesses in multiple industries in India.


next round raised

Partnered: 2017

Founders: Akhil Aryan, Alexandre Collet

ION Energy builds battery management systems for lithium-ion to improve their thermal management and efficiency, using AI-enabled predictive analytics.


next round raised

Partnered: 2019
Founders: Sandeep Chopra, Aditya Shah

Metafin provides rooftop solar financing for small businesses, with a focus on semi-urban/rural areas and first-time borrowers, to promote energy inclusion.




Partnered: 2014

Founders: Anurag Agarwal, Siddhi Karnani

Parvata Foods operates an integrated F&V supply chain of organic produce in North East India. 


Partnered: 2023
Founder: Jonathan Sieff, Lee Davy-Martin

Polymateria's technology enables the accelerated biodegradation of polyolefins (most commonly used plastic in packaging) in the natural environment, at ambient temperatures, and without any ecotoxicity issues.


Partnered: 2021
Founders: Ashish Korde, Kevin Parekh

Proeon is a plant protein company developing high-performance plant-protein intermediates for food brands. They have operations in Pune and the Netherlands and work with global food companies.

Partnered: 2022
Founders: Kaushik Bose, Soumya Bhattacharya

SustLabs is building energy efficiency solutions for every household by helping them cut down their electricity bills, and in turn reduce their energy footprint. It is able to influence behavioural change by enabling users to make data-driven decisions on their energy usage. 

VA Tech

partial exit, listed

Partnered: 2009
Founders: Rajiv Mittal

VA Tech is a pure-play water technology provider, focused on water treatment for municipal and industrial users in emerging markets.


partial exit

Partnered: 2015
Founder: Dr. Hitesh Doshi

Waaree is one of India's largest solar panel manufacturers with a capacity of 12GW, and is an EPC solutions provider with a distribution reach across India.

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