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Panel Discussion: Water as a Business
February 16, 2023

Peak Sustainability Ventures hosted a virtual panel discussion on "Water as a Business". Water is the most precious resource we have. We are seeing signs of an impending water crisis, on both availability and quality of water, which has created an imminent need to invest in water startups.  As one of Peak's core verticals, we have developed significant expertise on this vertical. The interactive discussion addressed topics such as tough problems in the water sector and what it takes to build a profitable business while preserving one of the world's most precious resources. 

​Samir Shah (Host) - Managing Partner, Peak Sustainability Ventures
Minhaj Chowdhury - Co-Founder, Drinkwell
Amrit Om Nayak - Co-Founder, Indra Water
Mansi Jain- Co-Founder, Digital Paani


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