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We back entrepreneurs that are building a sustainable future.

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Pioneering early-stage climate investing in India.

We're funding the next set of revolutionary companies that can help

the world transition into a low-carbon economy.

At Peak, we identify and invest in purpose-driven entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in the world, and shape our collective future. We have been deeply involved in sustainability throughout the last decade, and use our domain knowledge to invest in areas we believe to be the most compelling and impactful at a large-scale. For us, sustainability is not a theme, nor a fad. It is a way of thinking.

This is our domain.

Image by Ernest Ojeh

we're past the era of fossil fuels, and in the era of renewables and new energy. for us, new energy represents the frontiers of innovation. we want to meaningfully influence our transition to a low-carbon economy.

Image by Ivan Bandura



clean water is a core necessity for human existence, yet not everyone has access to it. we are facing serious threats in freshwater availability and scarcity in many Indian cities.  we're interested in supporting companies that will help ensure water security globally. 

Image by Erwan Hesry


food security is a critical objective as our population grows and our available land resources remain unchanged. we need to think beyond productivity per acre, to broader, long-term methods of evaluation. 



we are reaching tipping points and planetary boundaries. the effects can be severe, non-linear, and in instances, irreversible. we need to think beyond GHG emissions to broader externalities. we are supporting scalable, game-changing solutions in this space. 

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