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March 14, 2023: Peak Sustainability Ventures, an early-stage, sustainability-focused VC fund has been selected as an Emerging Impact Manager (EIM) for the ImpactAssets 50™ 2023 (IA 50).

The IA 50 breaks out managers in three categories, including the core IA 50 list, IA 50 Emerging Impact Managers list and IA 50 Emeritus Impact Managers list. Across all three categories, a record 163 impact fund managers were included totaling $122.48 billion in assets, invested across a range of asset classes and impact themes. The EIM firms that were selected for the IA 50 2023 were chosen to represent newer fund managers to watch, that demonstrate potential to create meaningful impact. The EIM list represents firms with unique strategies, under-represented impact themes or diversity in leadership in view of the full IA 50 application pool. 

Commenting on the achievement, Managing Partner of Peak Sustainability Ventures, Samir Shah, said, "We are putting India on the global climate map. We’re one of the first institutional climate VCs in India, and have identified four key themes of focus for the fund: New Energy, Food Systems, Water and Climate (including plastics, biodiversity, air pollution). We believe that sustainability is interlinked – one cannot invest successfully in sustainability by thinking in silos. We’re creating a bridge between India and the rest of the world. Climate change is a global problem, and requires a global perspective to solve."

"What makes the IA 50 so special is its independent Review Committee, comprised of a diverse mix of industry veterans, expert practitioners and impact champions” said Margret Trilli, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at ImpactAssets. “Throughout the IA 50’s 12-year tenure, we have honed a rigorous application, analysis and scoring process to support the Review Committee in selecting interesting fund managers for the IA 50 directory. In doing so, the IA 50 has become a staple resource for investors to source impact investment ideas to consider for their own due diligence.” The ImpactAssets IA 50 Review Committee is comprised of some of the leading thinkers and doers in impact investing— people who built the industry and are leading investors, managers and practitioners.

About ImpactAssets 
ImpactAssets is an impact investing trailblazer, dedicated to changing the trajectory of our planet’s future and improving the lives of all people. As a leading impact investing firm, we offer deep strategic expertise to help our clients define and execute on their impact goals. Founded in 2010, ImpactAssets increases flows of money to impact investing in partnership with our clients through our impact investment platform and field-building initiatives, including the IA 50 database of private debt and equity impact fund managers.  ImpactAssets has more than $2 billion in assets in 1,700 donor advised fund accounts, working with purpose-driven individuals and their wealth managers, family offices, foundations and corporations. ImpactAssets is an independent 501(c)(3) organization. 


About Peak Sustainability Ventures

Peak Sustainability Ventures is a sustainability-themed global venture capital fund, led by Samir Shah, an experienced climate investor with a diverse sustainability portfolio and several exits. Peak takes a thesis-driven approach to investing in sustainability, by understanding complex problems deeply to identify key areas of focus for investment. The four core focus areas are Energy, Food Systems, Water and Climate. The fund and its Partners have been investing in sustainability since 2016, and it has co-invested with top-tier sustainability funds globally. Some winners include ION Energy, Drinkwell, HST Power, GIST Impact and many others.   

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