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Founded: 2013  I  Partnered: 2014

Founders: Vinay Sankarupu, Deekshith Marla

Arya.ai builds deep learning modules for enterprises in the BFSI sector, to automate complex tasks using artificial intelligence.


Founded: 2010  I  Partnered: 2015

Founders: Neil Patel, Sonali Mehta-Rao

Awaaz.de is a mobile solutions company that uses voice to enable organizations to achieve last-mile connectivity.


Founded: 2016  I  Partnered: 2017

Founders: Ashutosh Valani, Priyank Shah

Beardo is one of India's first premium men's grooming brands. It was acquired by Marico in 2017.


Founded: 2015  I  Partnered: 2017

Founders: Vijay Rajapati, Anand Anand

Botmetric is an enterprise SaaS tool that automates cloud management. It was acquired by Nutanix in 2018. 


Founded: 2015  I  Partnered: 2016

Founders: Meghna Suryakumar, Sandeep Anandampillai

Crediwatch is a data analytics platform that provides real-time insights on private companies for credit risk assessment and legal diligence. 


Founded: 2013  I  Partnered: 2016

Founder: Minhaj Chowdury

Drinkwell is a water technology company tackling the issue of mass arsenic and fluoride poisoning in Southeast Asia. 


Founded: 2017  I  Partnered: 2018

Founders: Herve Touati, Jesse Morris, Ewald Hesse

EWF is an energy blockchain platform that tests energy dApps and connects them to infrastructure through its top-tier Affiliate base. 


Founded: 2016  I  Partnered: 2018

Founders: Harpreet Singh, Ravneet Kaur

iNICU builds medical technology solutions for neonatal intensive care units to aid doctors in quick, accurate and effective decision-making. 


Founded: 2016  I  Partnered: 2017

Founders: Akhil Aryan, Alexandre Collet

ION Energy builds battery management systems for electric batteries using AI-enabled predictive analytics.


Founded: 2007  I  Partnered: 2015

Founder: Rahul Mittra

Margdarshak is a tech-enabled microfinance company that provides a suite of financial products to low-income and rural populations in India.



Founded: 2013  I  Partnered: 2014

Founders: Anurag Agarwal, Siddhi Karnani

Parvata Foods operates an integrated F&V supply chain of organic produce in North East India. 


Founded: 2015  I  Partnered: 2016

Founders: Ranjeet Pratap Singh, Shally Modi, Rahul Ranjan

Pratilipi is India's largest self-publishing digital platform for vernacular language authors and readers. 


Founded: 2016  I  Partnered: 2018

Founders: Himanshu Chandra, Pallavi Shrivastava

Progcap is solving the problem of financing for last-mile SME retailers, by partnering with lenders to offer flexible and collateral-free credit facilities.


Founded: 2015  I  Partnered: 2017

Founders: Ankit Ratan, Ankur Pandey, Arpit Ratan

Signzy provides digital onboarding and process automation solutions for banks and NBFCs. 


Founded: 2014  I  Partnered: 2017

Founders: Apurv Agarwal, Kanika Jain, Vikas Gulati

Squad is powering the future of work using humans and AI.


Founded: 2015  I  Partnered: 2016

Founder: Dr. Apoorv Sharma, Anil Jain, Anuj Golecha

Venture Catalysts is India's first integrated incubator, and one of the most active investment platforms in India's early stage ecosystem.