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Former Assistant Secretary-General, United Nations Environment Program (U.N.E.P.)


Satya is one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of sustainability. He is the most recent Assistant Secretary-General of U.N.E.P., a post he held for two years till March 31, 2021. A development economist and lawyer with over 35 years of experience, Satya brings tremendous value to the Fund, as a Strategic Advisor, Industry Expert and Governance Board Member.


Since 2017, Satya served as a Senior Advisor on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainability Development at U.N.E.P. He has served with the U.N. for more than two decades, involved in strategic assignments in sustainable development, human rights, democratic governance and legal affairs across the world. Satya was instrumental in establishing the Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility in Indonesia (TLFF) in 2016 and the Sustainable India Finance Facility (SIFF) in 2017 to leverage 'private finance for public good' to achieve transformative social and environmental impact for people in developing countries.


Today, Satya is the Secretary General of GASP - Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet, an international organization set up to tackle global climate issues and catalyze transformational private and public capital for impact. He is the Chancellor of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences - the world's largest academic institution dedicated exclusively to indigenous people and cultures. He is also a Senior Distinguished Fellow on Natural Resources Governance with the World Agroforestry Centre. He previously served on the World Economic Forum's Global Advisory Council on Forests. 

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Managing Director & Group CEO, VA Tech Wabag

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Mr. Rajiv Mittal is one of the most influential individuals in the water space globally, and has been ranked the 3rd most influential global water leaders by WII (2017, 2018). He is the Managing Director of VA Tech Wabag, ranked among the top ten water companies globally, and with a 90+ year operating history in water management. Mr. Mittal's professional career spans three decades, with a focus on responsible use of water, desalination, water re-use, recycling, and efficient wastewater treatment.


Founder of GIST Advisory, President of WWF Int'l

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Pavan is a world-renowned expert in the field of sustainability. He was awarded the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement in 2020. He is the Founder & CEO of GIST Advisory, a Switzerland-based firm with the mission to democratize sustainability through measurement of natural, social and human impact for enterprises. Pavan is also the current President of the World Wildlife Fund International, and was previously the Head of U.N.E.P.'s Green Economy Initiative. He authored TEEB's report for U.N.E.P., "The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity."

Samir Shah


Founder, 7th Generation Advisors; Strategic Advisor, R20


Terry is the CEO of 7th Generation Advisors, a California-based firm active in creating and adopting solutions to fight climate change. He was the former Secretary for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in California.  Terry is also the Strategic Advisor to R20 Regions of Climate Action, created in 2010 by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2017, Terry was appointed the CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. He is also an operating advisor to Pegasus Capital Advisors in New York.


Exec. Director, Alternative Energy & Sustainable Dev., IOCL

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Subodh has 35+ years of experience in bio-fuels, alternative energy and waste-to-energy at Indian Oil Company. He conceived and launched the SATAT program to promote the use of Bio-CNG for transportation in India, and led projects in solar and wind energy. Being the head of Sustainability and Alternative investments at IOCL, he has been involved in landmark infrastructure projects implemented in India. He brings strong operating experience in new energy to Peak.


Founder, Cube Wealth; Co-Founder, CitrusPay

Satyen's name is synonymous with fintech in India. Previously the co-founder of CitrusPay, one of India's largest payments companies, and now the founder of Cube Wealth, Satyen is passionate about building for the future using design thinking. Outside of Cube, he spends his time understanding emerging industries and new technologies, and occasionally investing in startups in an angel capacity or through Stanford Angels. 

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