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Fitbit for your home.








The Business

Data from Software through Hardware.

Sustainability Story

The Need for Better Measurement Tools.

Peak Angle

Behavior Change through Data.


Kaushik Bose. 

The Business

The current size of the home automation market in India is $20 billion, however corporations are unable to break down energy consumption by appliance. This inhibits customers from making more efficient choices regarding their electricity consumption. This also results in potentially millions of tons of CO2 and thousands of kilowatts of energy being wasted. 

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Sustainability Story

Sustlabs have developed a technology to disaggregate appliance wide energy usage. This allows them to report the energy consumption of various home appliances. They have created a bot which is able to preemptively detect and report back faults in appliances, which help avoid failures and inefficiencies in real time.

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Peak's Angle

Sustlabs have created a platform which enable home owners to understand the energy consumption of each of their appliances in greater detail. This is a highly underpenetrated market which has significant potential to grow. As they scale, sustlabs will gain access to a large amount of proprietary energy consumption data which can provide further channels of revenue.

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Kaushik Bose

Co-Founder, CEO of SustLabs

  • Graduate degree from London Business School

  • Rolls-Royce Fellowship from the University of Oxford

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