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Investing for the future. And the future is green. 


Sustainability is the only viable path forward.


We are bullish on businesses that understand this, and have built structures based on this idea. It also just makes good business sense.

Enterprises engaging in efficient resource utilization and sustainable processes, with a clear idea of their core inputs throughout the supply chain. Transparency is key here - much of what happens today gets pushed under the rug. The more accountable each organization feels, and makes each individual employee, the more cognizant the entire machine will be towards sustainability. 


 Enterprises should understand that there is a growing population of environmentally, ethically and socially-conscious consumers and businesses, that need to be catered to. Consumers are now placing more rigor on vague claims that businesses have previously made, emphasizing the need businesses to have transparency and control over the supply chain. 


We have deep expertise in the field of Energy, and are particularly bullish on innovation regarding batteries and storage.


In addition to portfolio companies like ION Energy and HST Solar, we have a strong set of partners that keep us alert to trends on a macro basis. It is India's time to develop cleantech energy solutions in a big way, including batteries and infrastructure, to facilitate the needs of a growing population. 


In line with our focus on Consumer, the transport of people is a key consideration in the growth of India. We're excited about opportunities in mobility infrastructure and ride-sharing. 

In the past few years, mobility and ride-sharing has emerged as a leader in the sector. What is important for the sector is for private companies to lay out open infrastructure for the proliferation of the entire field. Ride-sharing is a key component in sustainable growth.


India has the second largest cultivatable land globally, but agritech is far more than that. We're optimistic on applied technologies, like hydroponics & fintech, and organic foods. 

Innovations in farming are necessary to make India a leader in food. Currently, India has one-fourth the productivity as China. Vertical farming is one of the areas that can change this, and make us less dependent on imports. The focus on organic stems from what the consumer wants.


The world is facing a fresh water crisis, that only a few care about. As the most critical element to our survival, we're being a little more proactive.

We have a unique take on water as a sector. Being involved in large public institutions like VA Tech Wabag, to early-stage startups like Drinkwell, it's given us a differentiated perspective on what the world needs. This is a space that requires significant R&D, engineering expertise and big-thinking, which can yield more than commensurate returns (monetary and otherwise) if right.  

It's is a behavioral change, not a business one. 

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