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Storm Ventures


The Business


Sustainability Story

The Need for Better Measures.

Peak Angle



Santanov Chaudhuri, Rudy Roy

The Business

Multiple solar projects in the US are unable to be implemented due to the high costs associated with producing PV power. A lot of these costs arise due to inefficient designs and operation management of solar farms. High costs are also not the sole cause of inadequate solar installations, it is also challenging for companies looking for renewables to find renewable project developers. These limitations in the sector have inhibited the growth of the renewable sector in the USA.

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Sustainability Story

HST uses AI-based decision engine and data analytics in order to optimize large scale solar installations for corporates and governments. Their analytics enable developers reduce the cost of their PV power, which makes them more competitive in the market. They have also created a network to help companies looking for renewables connect with project developers globally. 

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Peak's Angle

  • HST's design and analytics systems result in projects becoming more efficient, which results in increased output of solar power

  • Few solar companies are focused on design optimization, hence HST has become a leader in the analytics space globally.

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Santanov Chaudhuri

Co-Founder and Chairman HST

BS from Yale, MBA from Harvard

  • LinkedIn

Rudy Roy

Co-Founder & CEO of HST

Bsc. from CalTech

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