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Pavan Sukhdev,
Founder and CEO,
Winner of the Tyler Prize 2020.

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ESG's critical challenge:

Between 2020 and 2021, close to 17% more companies on the S&P 500 published sustainability reports. However, the methodologies used to quantify the environmental impact of business practices continue to be murky. Firms voluntarily disclose their ESG data, and their data is rarely audited and is often incomplete. This creates an industry filled with confusion and a lack of transparency. These problems arise due to immense costs involved in quantifying holistic data and the challenges in comprehending certain sustainability criteria.

GIST's sustainability story:

GIST has amalgamated sustainability with big data analytics to create a product that is highly efficient at quantifying firms' ESG impact. The software they have created is peer-reviewed and validated across multiple leaders and stakeholders in the industry. They complement their products with an advisory service to provide a one-stop shop for firms looking to quantify emissions and decarbonize their corporations. They are also able to quantify firms' Social Return on Investment in order to help firms optimise CSR. They've worked with leading corporations across the world such as : Sveaskog, Yarra Valley Water and BASF.

Peak's perception - why we invested:

  • We believe that businesses are pivoting towards publishing more comprehensive ESG metrics, and making concerted efforts to decarbonize aspects of their supply chain. Consequently, this would result in significant demand for GIST's services. 

  • We also invested in GIST because we believe that their product is superior to its competitors, and also is the only player that offers a one-stop shop solution of emission quantification and advisory services

Impact to Date:

  • Published one of the world's first ESG-integrated P&L for clients like BASF, Tata and Azko Nobel

  • Launched a partnership with MSCI - wherein MSCI clients would be able to access GIST's services for ESG reporting. This will also benefit investors attempting to construct ESG portfolios

  • GIST also launched a partnership with the Value Balanced Alliance, which will help further refine sustainability accounting.

What the future holds:

  • GIST plan to provide their solution to more investors and corporations. This will enable a greater proportion of businesses to have a better understanding of the holistic implications of their corporations.

  • They have just announced a partnership with Snowflake. Using Snowflake's interface would help augment collaboration between GIST and the corporations they work with. Snowflake's services would also be able to help improve GIST's delivery and storage of data.