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Curing Water


Arsenic's astounding antidote

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Minhaj Chowdhury
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A contamination crisis:

Currently, ~500 million people in India and Bangladesh are being exposed to water high in arsenic and fluorine. Arsenic is highly poisonous, and long term exposure can result in cancer, and skin lesions. In the last year, close to 43,000 people in Bangladesh passed away due to arsenic poisoning. In the last 5 years in India, arsenic contamination has increased by a staggering 143%. Clearly, unchecked arsenic levels in water are morphing into an unprecedented health and safety crisis.


The Need for Better Measures:

Drinkwell have created a proprietary Hybrid-ion(HIX) resin that removes the arsenic, fluoride and iron from water for contaminated water under 1000 TDS. The resin based system is extremely efficient - with 99% water recovery in comparison to 40% water recovery by reverse osmosis. Drinkwell's resins last 6+ months, and once they expire they are regenerated into the filtration system. Drinkwell constructs water ATMs to ensure that clean water is available to the masses. They have also created a microfranchising model in order to generate local employment and maintain the quality of the ATMs. 


The Peak Angle.

  • Hybrid ion resins are a more efficient and cost-effective solution than other alternatives. Resins are less energy intensive and also waste less water than conventional solutions like reverse osmosis.

  • Drinkwell water systems are easy to manage, and they also result in the generation of local employment
  • Drinkwell's water ATMs have RFID-enabled metered dispensing and money management systems. They have a cloud based water ATM system that helps in remote monitoring

Minhaj Chowdhury


CEO of Drinkwell

Forbes Asia 30 Under 30

Fulbright Fellow