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protein's alternate reality

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Global Innovation Fund, TPG Rise Fund, Danone


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The Business

The distorted production of proteins

Sustainability Story

The Need for Better Measures.

Peak Angle



Ashish Korde, Kevin Parekh


The Business

Animal based products consume 4-8 times more resources per unit than plant based adoptions, while also releasing 6-7 times more carbon emissions. Despite recent advances in plant based protein substitutes, they have failed to penetrate the market because of poor amino acid profiles and poor taste.

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Sustainability Story

ProEon have leveraged their strong R&D capabilities in order to create unprecedented proteins, fibers and starches. In order to resolve the taste problems in conventional plant proteins, ProEon match the sensory and functionality profiles of meats in their proprietary plant proteins. They use local ingredients from India in order to create a pipeline of proteins that meet the demand for meat, eggs and dairy.

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Peak's Angle

  • ProEon has created high value-add products in partnership with global clients for a sustained period of time

  • ProEon have a very robust B2B business, which enables them to spend lower on marketing while experiencing significant sales growth

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  • LinkedIn

Ashish Korde

Co-Founder of ProEon Foods

​MBA from ISB

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  • LinkedIn

Kevin Parekh

Co-Founder of ProEon Foods

WEF Tech Pioneer '22

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