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Slashing CO2

Welcome to the Wood Age

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Marko Savolainen, Pekka Ritvanen

The construction crisis

10% of global energy related carbon emissions are linked to construction and construction materials like- cement, steel and glass. 38% of total GHG emissions are due to the global building and construction sector. Unfortunately, 70% of harvested wood in the developing world is wasted, which has exacerbated the carbon and GHG emissions in the sector. 


The Need for Better Measures:

Avant Wood have created a proprietary technology called - Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification. This application is able to modify wood and improve low-value wood properties in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. They sell their technology to builders and architects, who can recycle low quality wood to improve profit margins and be more sustainable.


The Peak Angle.

  • Avant wood's solution results in high material yield and quality. They have a technological advantage since their solution significantly reduces lead time and costs relative to traditional wood treatment processes.

  • Globally, medium sized buildings are being incentivised to use wood in their construction which could create a large market that Avant can penetrate


Marko Savoleinen

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Co-founder and CEO of Avant Wood

MBA from Henley Business School

Pekka Ritvanen


Co-founder and CTO of Avant Wood

MSc. from Tampere University of Technology